pole people studio
polepeople studio


Never tried pole dance or a seasoned professional? It doesn’t matter; at polepeople they love every move and every step. Which mean if all you can do is look at a pole from a distance and consider yourself intimidated they will still welcome you! I have visited several pole schools, classes and workshops over the last few years. I am by no means a pole performer, but I know a few tricks. I have been looking for a class for the past year that will allow me to have fun, improve my fitness and develop those pole moves that I have just never quite mastered. At pole people I have found the perfect place to do so. I attended the Wednesday night ‘open class’ which is basically for people of all levels who wish to practise, learn new tricks and generally have fun pole dancing. The first thing that struck me about this place is how busy they are; a room of 8 poles had a class of twelve people. Which is a perfect ration of poles to people to offer some rest time in between moves as well as getting to know some other pole-ers The friendly nature of all the people involved was apparent; I walked in to smiles and hellos even though I was the new face. The class sat around the edges, waiting for the class to begin and the previous two person session to end. Shorts were changed into and stretches attempted. This friendly energy continued throughout the class with the participants helping each other and complimenting others movements. I picked up moves I had never before seen and developed confidence just from chatting to the other pole dancers present. What an amazing bunch! The class started with a thorough warm up from the ball of energy that is Jai Simeone Abela! This wonderful teacher who bounced around leading from the front and joining in on all of the abdominals exercises is firstly stunning and secondly encouraging from the start. Every move was explained from top to bottom. Not a detail was missed or a hot pant short out of place. If there is any inspiration that doesn’t fail to motivate it is watching the teachers ripped and muscular body perform before your very eyes. I want to pole every day just to look like Jai! photo

As it was an open class, each member worked on their own movements as Jai walked around and gave pointers or introduced new moves to you. The class soon started chatting and helping each other. My too adventurous self-ended up on the floor several times, only to be helped out by Jai and the class, giving me confidence to try again. I think I have walked away with four new moves in my pocket and several others ready to practice and perfect.

The studio I attended is situated near Moorgate station, on the fourth floor and peaks into the corporate world around as it faces onto a tall glass office building. I can imagine on a sunny day the light streaming through the windows, but even in this evenings rain there was a wonderful atmosphere to the room. The class finished with a cool down and stretch session, which I think by this time we were all grateful for as we had exhausted ourselves. Jai herself and all of the instructors are all fully qualified with backgrounds in every form of dance you can think off. Most of them, including Jai, perform themselves in shows and festivals, Not the gentlemen variety either thank you very much! Alison Hudd the owner of Pole people started the company nearly twelve years ago; she now offers classes across London including Covent Garden, Soho, Shoreditch, south Kensington, Clapham and Notting Hill. Pole people also offer instructors sessions, burlesque, belly dancing and can-can. It is clear that a company in the fitness industry having developed over twelve years and grown in every way has something right going on. If you would like to try some pole moves, you like the visuals or perhaps want a new form of fitness. Grab a pair of shorts and head to pole people, take a friend if you which, but I promise you don’t need one. Beginners will be hooked on their first session and begging for more. If you are a fitness addict, dancer or performer, go along and add some more skills to the tool box. It is seriously the most fun I have had on a Wednesday night that didn’t involve food or drink. Pole fitness is for everybody, if you are embarking on a serious weight lose journey or maintaining then don’t be afraid to give this a go. I know will defiantly be going back for more of this! The prices vary depending on the classes and curse, the open class I attended was £15 for an hour and thirty minute session. Compared to other classes around this is in fact a very good price. Remember pole dancing is specialist and classes are small. You need that attention form the teacher and so it can seem more compared to other forms of fitness, but it is worth every penny. http://www.polepeople.co.uk/index.php

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